The Illustrated London News, April 11, 1953 - Passing of Queen Mary / Mau Mau Massacre in Kenya

Pages 549-592. Features: Cover photo of Queen Mary's coffin on its journey to Westminster Hall; The death of Ex-King Carol of Rumania; The Mau Mau Massacre - victims and survivors, and some suspects; Two-page photo of ghastly scene where loyal Kikuyu were burned alive; Rail disaster near Conneaut, Ohio; Czech state airline Dakota lands in Frankfurt, passengers request political asylum; Full-page photo of the Duke of Edinburgh, the Duke of Windsor, the Duke of Gloucester and the Duke of Kent in Queen Mary's funeral procession; Two-page photo of Queen Mary's funeral procession on its way to Westminster; Centerfold illustration of the public paying last respects to Queen Mary; Two pages of photos of floral tributes to Queen Mary; Photos of dignitaries who attended the funeral; The Buraimi Oasis - subject of a dispute between Great Britain and Saudi Arabia; Sports photos; and more. Centerfold loose but present. Unmarked with moderate wear. A quality copy.