Time Magazine, March 31, 1967 - James McDonnell Cover - The Industrial Conquest of the Sky

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Contents: Nice color-photo ad for the 1967 Chevelle; Dumping milk in Kansas; Puerto Rico Governor Roberto Sanchez Vilella to marry Jeannette Ramos Buonomo; Time Essay - Congressional Ethics; Photo of many dead Viet Cong at Suoi Tre; U.S. Advisors and Thau Trainees at Pak Chong - photo; The Shah of Iran and his family; Riots in Djibouti; Photo of Twiggy; Nice color-photo ad for the Pontiac Firebird; Sodium Pentathal - Jim Garrison; Nice color-photo ad for the Lincoln Continental; Great colour photo sequence illustrates the flight of TWA 740 from L.A. to New York; Fascinating two-page illustration of "The New York Bird Cage" - flight paths around the city; James Smith McDonnell - feature article; Photo of signing of the Treaty of Rome; and much more. Unmarked. Average wear.