Picture Post Magazine - Hulton's National Weekly, February 24, 1940 - William Richardson is the Last of the Punt-Gunners

54 pages. Features: France Guards Her Coasts - great photos; Japanese Battle of the Snow - The Annual Snow Fight of the boys of Sapporo High School on Hokkaido - super photos; The Last of the Punt-Gunners - William Richardson concocts his own ammunition; Moving House - The Dowley Family of Charleston floats their home three miles down the Kanawha River; But It's All the Same Beatrice Lillie - photos of her in many costumes, with article; The Panda's Stolen My Rocking-Horse (humorous photo sequence); Diary of the War - No. 22, The Twentieth Week; The Story of New Zealand (1840-1940); No. 3 in the Series - "How I Would Run the War" - How I Would Pay for the War; Cartoon - Arrival of Spring, 1940; The History of Weapons, No. 5 - The Rifle; The History of 1943-1960. Many wonderfully nostalgic ads including a lovely Bird's Custard two-colour ad on back cover. Clean and unmarked with very light wear. A lovely vintage copy.